Managing multiple accounts and their access

Hey everyone,

Signed up a few days ago and am curious to explore the Netlify site!


  1. Can I manage all of my personal web apps under one account?

  2. If so, can I give separate access for each app to specific web developers? Meaning - I don’t want one freelancer web developer to see all the other apps but just the one they are invited to.

  3. If I invite a developer via the dashboard, and they sign up to access my sites, will that be considered as a referral signup?

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  1. Yes

  2. Yes - See the Manage team members documentation.

  3. I’m not sure what you mean by “referral signup”, each additional user in your account will cost you money.

If a freelancer contributes code, even if you haven’t manually created an account for them in the Dashboard, they’ll be considered a Git Contributor and charged for:

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Thank you, Nathan. That’s helpful.
I didn’t realize Netlify was expensive this way. I am on Cloudways at the moment, and they don’t have any extra charge for inviting members to work on your apps.
I thought Netlify would be more affordable as a few bootstrapped founders/web developers had spoken about it, and hence my signing up.

@manojk Originally ‘Git contributors’ weren’t a thing, it was a price increase announced as a ‘feature’:

Thread #1 -
Thread #2 -

It can be, depending on what you’re working on and how you have it set up.

I believe that public repositories don’t get charged the ‘Git contributor’ pricing, see: