Login issues with my account

Appeal an account suspension

We have suspended this account due to suspicious activity. To quickly reclaim this account, please take a moment to verify your identity before using Netlify.

About identity verification

  • Your identity information will be verified by Stripe
  • We never store the identity information submitted through this process on our systems
  • Stripe does keep a record that we can access in cases of abuse

@emmanuelmary Please don’t create duplicate threads, it won’t get you assistance any faster.
This information could have been added to your original thread.

ok that was the first error then i tried to verify my account but this was the errorr We were unable to verify your identity and reinstate your Netlify account.

@emmanuelmary I understand you’ve interpreted it as a separate “error”, but it’s all the one issue for you, which is “you cannot access your account”, creating multiple threads just slows support down, keep your additional information contained to your original thread.

Hi there, we will connect with you on the other thread you’ve created, and I’ll close this one out.