Issues in login in to my account

i can not login to my account

@emmanuelmary Did you check your email and follow the instructions to verify your account?

i did not receive any email sent

i did but i did not recieve any mail after that again

Excellent, that’s information that Netlify can act upon, your original post provided no details.

Netlify support will follow up.

ok hope to hear from you soon

We were unable to verify your identity and reinstate your Netlify account.

@emmanuelmary You’ll need to wait for Netlify support.


If the email address for your account is different from the one you’re using on the forum, then you’ll need to provide it so they can check or send another verification email etc.

I have issues with signing up it saying my github account has been blocked

@wizdev Please make your own thread and provide sufficient detail for Netlify to assist.

There’s no need to post the same message in other threads, including unrelated threads.

Hi, looks like your issue has been resolved. Thanks for writing in.