I cant access my account

i cant access my account. itried to restore password but still the same.
my user is jruanova1987

Hi @jruanova :wave:t6: ,

Thank you for reaching out. Your sites have been taken down and account banned as one of your sites conducted a phishing attack. This goes against our terms of service. You will not be able to login and you will need to find a new site to host your content.

phishing? thats not possible.
could you please tell me which site? i didnt use it at least for 3 months, it doesnt make any sense

also, i didnt received any notification about this arbitrary resolution

Your site: hxxp://meli-app.netlify[.]app/

Was reported by another company after discovering the phishing attack. We are not obligated to notify you when your site is removed for violating our terms of service or the law.

Thank you.

And did you confirmed that effectively was that?
That is a simple api rendering random products from a public api. I dont understand

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