Lost access to account

Good day.
Today, authorization to your site stopped working for me, please help me figure it out.
My e-mail: terenty.romashko@gmail.com
For some reason, two-factor authorization does not work.

Hi there, @taerom

Your account has been disabled for violating our terms of service . You will need to find a different hosting service moving forward.

Which rule was specifically violated? Why wasn’t it notified by email?

Now you have stolen access to the site. Remove site from your resource immediately. Or there will be a statement to the police about the theft of the site.

hi @taerom ,

the abuse complaint came to us from a very well qualified source - an upstream provider that powers our worldwide CDN. Your content is not welcome on our services. Copyright infringements are not considered by us to be reasons to notify you or provide you with a grace period. You are permanently banned from our service and we will also suspend your forums account.

As far as your accusations go that we have stolen your site, these are unfounded. I assume you still have a copy of your files, which are unaffected by removing you from our service.

this thread is now being closed.

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