Banned from netlify and can't login

Hello everyone

Around the start of this/end of last week, I returned to netlify to finally fix the site of a friend that had been broken since netlify stopped supporting their old build image. As a part of that I linked an unlinked a new github repo a few times and used another project to try to fix any build issues. After figuring everything out, it worked for about a day, but then I noticed that all of my sites only showed the following banner saying that no site was found:

After contacting support they told me that my account had been “flagged due to increased potential for fraudulent behavior”. I swiftly replied that I was willing to prove the opposite, but haven’t heard back from them yet. Does anyone know who to contact to fix this? Or should I just create a new account?

I can’t find the email associated with your account. Can you please share this?

It’s the same one like this support account but without the +support in the email. If you cannot access that email it would be nice if I could DM you it instead.

Did you find out my email?

Yup! Your account was manually banned for copyright infringement of credit suisse.

As a result of this blatant disregard for the law and our terms of service, you’ll need to find a different web host and I suggest you not also violate their terms of service so they don’t also take your account offline.

Hi @fool, thanks for your answer.

Thank you for answer. I’m genuinely surprised by the copyright infringement allegation on any of my sites.

For context, I hosted two personal sites, and one for friend who used it to document his race driving journey. To the best of my knowledge, all content was either original or had proper permissions.

Could you specify the exact content that led to this decision? I would of course immediately remove any copyrighted material. My intent has always been to adhere to all platform and copyright guidelines.

It’s been a week since I reached out regarding the copyright infringement allegation related to Credit Suisse on my sites. Despite thorough checks on my end, I’ve been unable to identify any content related to Credit Suisse, and I’m still eager to understand the specific content or segment that led to this decision.

My primary goal is to address any inadvertent oversights and ensure my sites are compliant with all guidelines. I would greatly appreciate a follow-up on this matter, as the sites in question are important to me and those associated with them.

Our fraud and abuse team just followed up with you via email asking a clarifying question. Can you please respond to ticket # 193507?

Hi Sam, thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately I have not gotten said mail yet, could you please ask the fraud and abuse team to check my email address again?

we sent it to your +support email. Can you check your spam?

I did get your first message today (automatically sent by the forum) at my support email, but I didn’t get the other message from the fraud and abuse team sadly. I did check in the spam folder too, yes. Can I send the team a message directly?