Why is my account banned?

@pexeixv If you haven’t, you may also want to contact the support team via the link given:


I am on the Netlify Core plan. Can I contact support team? I was only able to send a support request and haven’t received any reply yet. It’s giving me a major business hit as all my sites are down.

@pexeixv I’m not aware of a ‘Netlify Core plan’, if you’re on the Starter plan then you usually wouldn’t get private email support, but their messaging requests that you submit that form.

It also mentions the following on the top of the page:

I’m sorry for the mention, but I need urgent help with this. Can you please guide me on how to get my account back?

Hi @pexeixv :wave:t6: your account is blocked because of a Trademark infringement violation on your hosted website. This is against our terms of service you will need to find a new platform to host your content. If you have any further questions please reach out to the fraud and abuse team.