Cannot login - may be an issue with one of my sites

Hi there, I don’t seem to be unable to connect to netlify via my Github account. Having done some research by looking through some of the other postings here on the support forum, it’s possible that one of the sites may be flagging some kind of issue. As I am not a professional developer, it’s not always obvious to me if I’m trying different things out and perhaps some code that I’ve found online has potential issues.

If this is the case, could someone please confirm this, and if so, could you please delete the site which is causing the issue so that I can regain access?

my github is esrdapp

Many thanks


I’ve just logged into my namecheap domain hosting account and can see what one of my domains ( was flagged as phishing?

I’ve no idea how that is, but if this is causing the issue, could this site be completely removed from my account so that I can regain access?

Many thanks

Hi :wave:t6: are you still experiencing this issue? I’m not seeing a restriction on your account.

Hi there, yes the same issue still. Have tried from Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers but always the same.

Hi, can you please confirm the email on the account?