How to get more form submissions (and only that)?

Hi there,

I’m running a bunch of open-source projects and Netlify forms are awesome for that.

Before launching a major project, I would like to anticipate the following usecase:

  • form submissions are reaching the limits of the free plan
  • I want to get more submissions with no need for the full “Pro membership”

So: is there a way to get more form submissions – and only that? If you go over the limit, it’s an automatic per-site addon, the Netlify Forms Pricing is towards the bottom of the Pricing Page.


Have you looked at the Netlify Open Source Plan Policy

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Yes I had a look to the open source plan policy, and the pricing page.

But my usecase is right between both solutions:
I’m running numerous opensource projects and I can’t attend to the Open Source Plan for each of them, because it represent too much hassle, and some projects are not open source yet.

Any solution cheaper than the full Pro Plan / or smoother than the open source pricing? You may already be aware, but the forms addon that I linked to isn’t actually the same thing as the “full pro plan” (despite the confusing identical pricing at $19).

Both the Starter and Pro plan begin with the same amount of free submissions at 100, and in both cases if you exceed the allowance you automatically pay an additional $19 which then sets your allowance at 1000.

After that you’re charged $9 per additional 500.

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This is indeed confusing, and quite expensive too: a first look at Formspree reads

Formspree = 2000 submissions for 18$
Netlify forms= 1500 submissions for 28$

Anyway, I’ll check for alternatives, thanks for the clarification!

If you are looking for an alternative (and aren’t afraid of Netlify functions,) then you could set up an Airtable account, and use a function to post data directly to a table. Could even set up multiple tables for different sites/forms etc. From my experience, works well.

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