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Over 100 Form submissions on free tier?

Hi all,

I apologize if this is the wrong forum, first-timer here.

I want to implement Netlify Forms into my website and plan on using the free tier. If a user on my site happens to be the 101st submission on my site, what exactly happens? Is there an error displayed to the user or do I have to handle the error checking on my end?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @franciscalizo,

that’s a great question. If you go over 100 form submissions, we will automatically upgrade your account to forms level 1, and charge you the pro-rated cost for that over your next billing cycle :+1:

more info on pricing here:

If you don’t have a card on file, we will ask you to add one. If you don’t, we’ll give you a grace period, but if you don’t add one, we will deactivate your account after some time :-1:

So if you think you might go over, please add a credit card, and your forms will work as usual! :partying_face:


Hi @perry,

Once you cross over to Forms Level 1, the following “new” month you will stay at Forms Level 1, correct? At which point is it recommended in the cycle to manually downgrade back to Forms Level 0? I assumed it would start each month at Forms Level 0 and scale each month based on needs…but I read the docs and was wrong about that.

Am I interpreting this wrong somewhere in the process?

hey dylan, those are some good questions. I’ll see if i can get some clarification on that for you.

Alrighty, at present things work as you described - if we detect that your usage seems more suitable to a different account level (i.e if you are popular and get lots of form submits) we do bump you up to the next forms tier automatically and bill you for that. Your account stays on that tier unless you downgrade yourself (can do this in the UI!) if you realize you experienced a unique months as far as usage goes. After selfdowngrading you’ll stay on the lower level unless your usage bumps up again.

does this answer your question? If not, let me know!

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Yep, perfect! Thanks @perry!! :+1: