Free form submissions

Hello, unfortunately I could not find anything for this. I would like to know which input forms count for the 100 free forms per month. Do also pure HTML forms in combination with JS count if they are submitted or only the specific netlify forms? I am learning the basics of website programming and wanna know if i have to upgrade my account in case i use the submit button more than 100 times while developing.
Thanks for the support!

Hi @andi, thanks for the post and welcome.
Kindly check the link below on information about Netlify Forms usage and billing.

Hope this helps.


Hi @clarnx , thanks for the answer, now everything should be clear.

I have created 2 test pages that differ with the form input. The page without Netlify forms (without: data-netlify=“true”) does not count for those 100 submissions.

The Netlify submission function seems to be very handy, I’ll have a look at it!

Hi @andi, any form on your website that does not use the data-netlify=“true” will not count for the 100 submissions.
However note that if you submit forms using JavaScript or submit forms using Netlify API, it does count for the 100 submissions.

Hope the above explanation helps.