If I delete form submissions, do they still count towards the 100 free submissions?

I’ve been testing the hell out of my forms (was trying to use them to collect various metadata along with a form submission), but now I’ve probably submitted 30-50 forms. Will these count towards my free count? If my account becomes a paid account, can I downgrade for the next month if I am not expecting to hit 100 submissions?

I would imagine you can downgrade at any point - as long as your in the free tier submission range.

I dont think deleting form submissions will make a difference. You are tracked per submission, not per resulting data stored.

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Just to confirm this for you @willliuwillliu, deleting submissions will not make a difference. If you do exceed the usage in a billing period, you will have the option to downgrade this straight from the UI on the first day of the next billing period :slightly_smiling_face:.