Forms: what happens when a Form Level 0 goes over 100 submissions?

I’m using Netlify Forms (under Form Level 0). What happens if I receive over 100 submissions?
Do I get an e-mail once I’m close to that limit?
I couldn’t find any information about it in the docs.

Also, is there a way to avoid it from auto scaling to the next level?

howdy, here’s a recent answer to that question:

there isn’t an automatic way of preventing it from scaling - we feel like simply shutting the form down after 100 on our side is really bad UX - especially as most people use forms for sales-y purposes of some kind, even if its just lead generation.

You could, I suppose, create some javascript that counts, and does an action to de-activate the form after you hit 100, but again, that might not be the experience you want for your customers - your call! :slight_smile:

here is a different discussion:

Hi, thanks so much for the quick response!

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