Limit form submissions on site


I have a static site for a client where I only included 50 form submissions each month on the contract. Is there a way to limit the limit of form submissions for a specific site?

Would like to hear your inputs on this.


hi @reyesvicente,

there is no way on Netlify’s side to limit the form submissions to 50 as I far as I know.

If the site is on a free tier, the limit is 100 submissions, and we send emails at several intervals letting the account holder know how much they are using.

If you wanted to limit the submissions to 50, you would have to probably write a lambda function to control for this, that isn’t something we would be able to do for you. I doubt that this is something we would add to the product roadmap any time soon, as most people would like higher submission limits, not lower :slight_smile:

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Thank you for replying @perry!

Hi @perry you wrote

If the site is on a free tier, the limit is 100 submissions

I see that listed on the Netlify pricing page, but I am unclear about these 100 submissions… can you help me? How are the 100 counted?

  • Per user account across all sites and forms?
  • Per form?
  • Per all forms on a single domain?

Also, does the 100 reset monthly?

great questions, ethanpil. I will get some clarification on this and get back to ya.

alright, got a clarification for you (and anybody else)

the 100 submissions is for all forms that belong to a single site.

So, if your site: (made up…) gets 25 submissions for a catering form, 25 5 :star2: customer reviews on a form, 25 menu requests, and 25 merchandise requests on a form you will hit that limit the same way you would if you got 100 requests to one centralized contact form.

this doesn’t include spam submissions.

let me know if that clears things up!

Great, but if I have two domains:

Each will receive 100 form submissions across the domain, so in theory, I have 200 total (with a limit of 100 per domain per month)

Is that correct? If so, I think you should clarify your page under Forms… Should say per domain thanks!

the domain isn’t the important thing so much - as many domains (that are registered with a registrar) can be configured to point to one netlify site.

If and both point to,

then can still only have 100 submissions that it handles before “going over”, regardless if whether the submissions are being executed on either domain, as they all get routed through the same netlify site.

If each custom domain points to a different netlify site/domain under the same team, so, to be really clear: -> and -> and both those sites belong to the team Hannas Dev Team, then each site can have 100 submissions, even though there are two sites to a team.

does that help? :smiley:

Hi @perry that was exactly the info I needed. Thanks for the clarification.

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