What's the limit of forms?


I use Netlify so that users can contact us. I use the slug of my pages to generate a unique “identifier” on my forms in order to generate them.

For the past few weeks, we have not received any email.

Could you confirm to me that there is no limit on the creation of forms, but only on the level of receiving emails?

That is, I can have 800 unique forms in my site, but only receive a maximum of 100 emails per month?

In addition, must we absolutely have unique forms or can we use only one that would differentiate the page used when sending?

Here is my site: https://flashoffice.fr/nos-offres/

I publish real estate ads. Users can contact me for any of these announcements. 1 ad = 1 form with a unique name.

I’m not sure this is the right process to adopt …

Thanks so much !

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Hi @lorraineS,

Yes, you can have any number of forms per website, but the number of total submissions from all those forms should be within 100 and file attachment size within 10 KB.

If you use AJAX to submit a form, I think you could add a hidden form input that would give you the page’s name - so you can use 1 form for all different pages.

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