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In the pricing grid ( Netlify Pricing and Plans ) Starter and Pro have the same quota for Forms/Submissions; (Add a simple attribute to any HTML form to start receiving submissions in your Netlify site admin panel, without javascript or any backend coding)

“100 per site /month
($19+ when exceeded)”

Scrolling down the page to: ’ Per-site add-ons’ It states that Starter=100 Form submissions/ Pro=1,000 Form submissions.

Does Pro allow 100 or 1.000 Form submissions before being charged extra?

Many Thanks

hey there @EssentialEnglish - happy to explain,

So there are a few overall “tiers” that our customers are on:

Starter, Pro, Business, Enterprise. The settings and capabilities are team wide, i.e every site in the account has the capabilities according to that tier.

But there are also Per-Site add ons which you are describing, one of them are indeed forms:

so basically this means you can add these capabilites to individual sites in your account. One can have forms level 0, one can have level 2, etc. So you can build the setup that works for your needs, regardless of what Tier you are on. Level 0 is the default.

So to answer your final question: For Pro, this is correct:

UNLESS you have picked a per-site add on for forms which is priced in addition to your tier base charge.

does this help clarify things? :slight_smile:

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That’s clear, thank you.

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