Regarding Form level 1 for multi-site

Currently I am in form level 1 with one site.

I have to deploy another site with different form. Do I need to pay for form level 1 again for second form?

Hey @aung,

Forms is billed per site. So, if Form A has 200 submissions and Form B has 200 submissions, this totals 400 submissions and you will only be charged for Forms Level 1 once.

But, if Form A and Form B are on different sites, they will be billed separately.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Pieparker,

Noted about separate billing.

Another question.

I’m in form level 1 but if submissions is under free tier (that is under 100), it will charge or do I need to degrade to level 0?

Hey @aung,

Good question – once you’re enrolled on to Forms Level 1, you’ll remain on Forms Level 1. This will mean that you will continue to be billed for Forms Level 1 (even if your submissions in following months under the free tier).

Support can process a downgrade if you only required Forms Level 1 for a one-off surge in responses :smile: