Netlify Forms Pricing Model - $19 For Every 100 Over 100, Or A Flat $19 Fee For Unlimited Submissions Over 100?

I am a bit confused as to the pricing for Netlify Forms.

I am not sure whether it is $19 for every 100 form submissions over 100, or if it is just a flat fee of $19 for an uncapped amount over 100.

@Nerub The detailed pricing information for forums is further down the page:

It’s never uncapped.

It’s $19 once the free allowance is exceeded, which adds another 900 submissions or 990mb.

Then every 500 submissions or 500mb is $9.

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The screenshot shows 1,000 submissions per month on Level 1, but on the site currently this seems to have been changed to 100. What’s the actual position?

Great question @dan222, unfortunately I can’t answer as I don’t work for Netlify, but one of their staff should be able to clarify.

The screenshot in my post was from 2023-09-26 and was a different version of the pricing page prior to the product re-branding as “Netlify Core”.

Hi @Nerub,

Thanks for reaching out! Could you clarify which site you’re referring to? If you could provide the sitename (such as

Hi, it’s on Netlify’s pricing page, Pricing and Plans | Netlify

@dan222 Looking at the information again, it appears to be unchanged.

The “Level 1” shown in my screenshot is Forms specific pricing, and it isn’t the same thing as the table showing inclusions for the “Pro” account. It’s just confusing because both are priced at $19.

When I took the screenshot accounts had 100 submissions included by default, and once you exceeded that you would pay $19+.

As of today accounts have 100 submissions included by default, and once you exceed that you pay $19+.

The new pricing information provides much less detail though, and there is no breakdown of inclusions, even the documentation provides no further detail as it links to the information that has been removed from the pricing page.