How to build site using adobe dreamweaver

how do I upload my site if I used adobe dreamweaver?

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hi @ben0710 - welcome to community! Glad you found us.

I’d need more information in order to say - generally speaking, there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t be able to deploy a site that was build by dreamweaver, but the question is whether or not you can automate this from the dreamweaver UI. I personally don’t know dreamweaver well enough to be able to say.

What kind of site are you building? Is it it a static html/css site? if yes, then you can use Netlify Drop to deploy any static website that doesn’t use a build process by dragging and dropping a folder. see:

If you are building something that does need a build process, such as a JS project with a asset pipleline or dependencies that you manage with something like like yarn, gulp or npm, then you’ll need to approach this differently.

If you provide some more details, we can advise further. :slight_smile:

Okay I used the netlfy drop thing how do i edit the files to link the css and make subdomains so I can access the other parts of my website (I am making a nintendo switch blog for a school project).

It is also a static website

Great, so everything’s working as you expect now? If not, please let us know what you’re still having trouble with.

yes i figured it out the site works great its actually easier then i thought just a lot of trial and error and youtube videos

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which youtube videos were especially useful? maybe you can share them with others who are also learning? :smile: