Connecting Netlify to Adobe Dreamweaver

For my school course I need to be able to upload/deploy from the Adobe Dreamweaver program. I have tried using the Netlify home address, my page address, and even the app.netlify drop and yet it still will not connect. Manual deploys create errors in my webpage. Anyone know how or what I should be doing?

There is no way to upload to Netlify directly from Dreamweaver itself unless someone has written some custom extension for Dreamweaver to do this. I’m not aware of anyone having done this though.

Our best bet here will be to troubleshoot the manual deploys and find a solution to get those working like they do locally.

Would you please send us a link to a site which was manually deployed and let us know what isn’t working? We need to know what to look for when we browse the site or where to look in the browser developer tools to see what isn’t working.

If there are other questions, please include them at any time.