Deploy from "manual" with netlify init

Hi! I created a Jekyll site and I run netlify init to connect it to my remote repo and to create the project on Netlify. All it works, but in the dashboard in the “Site overview” section I see “deploy from manual” as if I deployed my site not from a Git repository.

However if I go to the “Deploys” section I can see the git commit messages and my gitlab repo url

Why this happens? Does it affect some part of my deploy?

With the same public Gitlab I have other websites created manually (not from netlify CLI) and in the “Site overview” I correctly see “Deploy from Gitlab”.

Does anyone experience something similar?

Thank you,

Hi @Mattia_Ducci

Did you run the build & deploy locally netlify deploy or netlify deploy --build? Had you pushed your repository to remote?

This is what I did:

  1. Initialised a new git repository
  2. Pushed to GitHub
  3. Ran netlify init in the directory on my computer.
    This created a hook in GitHub
  4. Went the Netlify UI and the site was building, deployed from GitHub (it also says Deployed from GitHub on the overview page)* as per image below

Are these the steps you took, or did you do something different?

I also note that with a manually deployed site (e.g. drag and drop) it will say Manual deploys

What I see in the screenshot you shared is something like the former Deploys from GitHub image as the manual is a link. What is the URL of this link? Is it that of your repository?

Thanks for your answer, but I think it should be an integration problem with Gitlab. Here’s why.
The URL on “manual” deploy is but if I click on it, I have “404 not found”: I don’t know why since the repo link is correct.
However I created from scratch a new repository in Gitlab following your instructions and still have “manual” deploy and 404, but hooks from Gitlab arrives correctly. and even in build messages I see something like 4763@master… that’s ok. The part I don’t understand is that if I go to a website I linked to Gitlab from the Netlify UI dashboard, I see “deploy from Gitlab”, but if I click on the link, it gives me 404 anyway.
I repeated the same steps in Github and the netlify init command prompted me different voices (it recognized I was on a Github account) and I see “deploy from GitHub” with the correct link to my Github repository.

Hi @Mattia_Ducci,

This might be a bug with how CLI is handling the repos. After confirming it, I’ll file it for the team to investigate. Thanks for sharing!

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Hi! Thank you for your support! I’ll stay tuned for news!
Have a nice day!

Hey @Mattia_Ducci,

I was able to reproduce this and an issue has been filed here:


Thank you very much!!