How to deploy static site without CI?

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I’m trying to just build a site from scratch using a static index.html file, and manually build out all of my pages without Gatsby or another Server Side Renderer, but whenever I attempt to link the repository or even just use Netlify drop I get issues. Let’s start with Netlify Drop:

Currently I’m receiving a “Page not found” error, even though I have a clearly working index.html file in the base directory… I dragged the files though, not the containing folder - is that the problem?


Answering my own question: Yes you need to drag the containing folder - so if you have other files that shouldn’t be uploaded with the site, make sure you create a distribution folder, e.g. “Dist” that has only the files that should be uploaded and drag that folder to your site’s “Deploys” page in the designated “drag & drop” area:

yes! exactly!

You can also deploy via CI if you would like - just leave the build command blank for a static site that doesn’t require a build step.