Restore and update a deploy

I unfortunately lost my localhost files and need to update my website. Is there a guide to downloading the last deploy then editing the content before uploading. I can’t write html which is why I wrote it using wordpress then converting to a static site before uploading. At the moment it looks as if I will have to rewrite the site which is a pity as most of it correct.

hi there, go ahead and give what is described here a try:

Thanks for the reply. I read this link and have the deploy on my hard disc. The question I have is how to edit/update this deploy before uploading to netlify. I haven’t managed to master github and wonder if there is a simpler alternative.

@Rod_C If you’ve got the archive from a previous deploy downloaded, you could always extract it and directly edit the files, (depending of course on how they were originally created - if they’ve been minified/obfuscated etc).

Once you’ve got the edited files you could then drag them up via a “Drag and drop” deploy (Create deploys | Netlify Docs).


Thanks for the reply, I have deployed the files which were originally written in word press then converted to a static web using “simply Static” in word press then uploaded to Netlify. I appreciate that I will not be able to import the files back into word press but I am looking for simple static file editor that doesn’t rely any knowledge of html. I am assuming that I need to edit the index file of each of the pages that I created initially.



Hey @Rod_C,

Unfortunately, we can’t help with that part. There might be some tools available out there which can help you with what you need, but that part falls outside our scope of support.