I have my Site's repository organised with folders

Hey! I’m new on this features and I have a problem… I have my site’s repository organised with folders, and my html’s files are in that folders… This is how my repo are: https://github.com/TomG07/TomG_Site
I want to deploy it and I put this:

This return an error:


Hi TomG07!

Within the basic build settings the Published directory is referencing index.html which is a file and not a directory.

Also it looks like you are not using a static site generator to build your static assets. I suggest trying out our Netlify Drop instead.

Let us know what you think!


Hey Yujonh.
So if I use that system, every time I want to update my site, will I have to drop all the updated files again?

Yes, you are correct! When ever you would like to update your site simply drag and drop the file containing all your static assets (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Take a look at our docs relating to our Netlify Drop feature here for more information.

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