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Email delivery delays from 27 Sep 2021

On 27 September 2021, Netlify’s mail processing service failed to deliver all outgoing transactional email for several hours, from approximately 16:00 UTC until 20:40 UTC.

Mails that should have been sent, but were not, included:

  • password resets
  • emails to complete the signup process
  • form submission notifications
  • notifications about deploys, identity signups, and other team activities
  • billing emails

During this time, no data was lost - your form submissions and signups were processed, just not emailed about.

We expect that emails from that time period will eventually be delivered as we finish resolving the issue, though we do not have a timeline for that since it is based on one of our mail service providers.

If you received a delayed signup, or password reset email some hours late, it is likely that the links in those emails may fail to work since they have time limits during which they are valid which have likely passed. If that has happened, you can request a new reset (if you were resetting your password) from Netlify App , and if anything else such as a team invite does not seem to be working, please respond here in this thread, or if you have or have been invited to collaborate with a paid account, someone who is an existing member of that paid account can also email support@netlify.com (from their Netlify login email) for help with the situation.


i can not invite users still

Hi there, @demapuspita :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums, and thanks for reaching out about this. Are you still encountering an issue? If so, can you please share more details such as when the issue began, your Netlify site name, and any error messages you are receiving?

Please let us know!