Not receiving form submission emails

Hello everyone,

Since a few weeks, form submissions on the site of one of my clients ( are not being received by them, this may have something todo with te hard blocklist mentioned at Forms Notifications are not sending email notifications but I have a feeling it’s more of a spam issue, could one of your engineers look into the delivery of these mails?

hi @Buzzzzie, is the email you are using for netlify

j***.w**** ?

it is unlikely to be related to the gmail outage (which so far, all of the issues with bouncing emails have been) but we can check for you if you can confirm that email.

That is the mail I am using, I have not yet tested with my personal email tbh, the mail my clients use is and

so, @Buzzzzie, can you confirm which email is associated with your netlify account? as that is the one we’ll need to check if it has a “bounce” on it in our system for some reason.

It is

hi @Buzzzzie,

as i thought, we don’t have any block on that email address in our system. Has this previously worked?

Yes it has, that probably rules netlify out, I’m in contact with the clients email company, I’m suspecting some sort of spam filter blocking netlify on their side. Thanks for the help!

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