Forms Notifications are not sending email notifications

Hello Everyone!

On the website we have a user feedback submission form that sends notifications to emails upon submission.

On the following page: Netlify App

we have specified the following emails to be notified:
shannonc - regular mailbox
getdown - shared mailbox

for some reason the notification email is reaching the regular mailbox, but not the shared one. The mailboxes are located on Exchange Online Office 365. We don’t see anything in the message traces for the shared mailbox. Opened up a case with Microsoft (22557825), Microsoft asked to reach out to you guys and ask for an NDR or any evidence that the notification email sent from went out to getdown


Hi, @DowntownCalgary. I do show this email address (the getdown email address) was on a “hard bounce” list.

To comply with anti-spam policies and regulations we do not attempt to send emails to any email address after a permanent email delivery failure occurs (AKA a “hard bounce”).

This email address was added to the hard bounce list on 2020-03-02 at 16:33:04 UTC. I’ve removed this email address from the list and future emails delivery should work now.

If not or if there are any questions, please let us know.

I believe I’m having the same problem with one of my form’s notification email addresses (info at wagsandwhiskersvet dot com). It was briefly decommissioned on accident and emails to it were undeliverable. Can you please remove it from the “hard bounce” list?

Hi, @kylegagnet. You were correct about it being on bounce list and I have removed it now.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

@luke Is it possible I am having the same issue? Notification emails to are not sending however notification emails to others are.

Hi, @willmcl. Yes, there was a hard bounce for that email address at Dec 14, 2020 4:27 am PST (UTC-0800).

I’ve removed that email address from the bounce list now and emails should be sent to it again now. If not or if there are any questions, please let us know.

Hey, @lukecould you please check if I am having a similar issue with the email Emails are sending to other email addresses I set up. Thank you for your help.

I see that we’ve sent 3 form notifications to that address since your post - on the 18th, 19th, and 20th. Did you receive those (your server accepted them so I hope you did!). Is that all you were expecting?

It seems to be working now. Thank you for the reply.

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Hi Luke,

Seems that I have the same issue, suddenly email notifications just stopped last month. I am assuming the address email I have listed for my notifications is on a “hard bounce” Would you please help me find out? email address reservas.mangohaus at gmail dot com, I appreciate your help.

hi there, we have started looking into this but can’t find anything conclusive without a bit more information. can you tell us which site this is regarding? The netlify site name or API ID would be most helpful, both are safe to share.

Hi Perry,

Great! thanks for your reply. Here is my API ID f7ad23c3-3b6a-434d-b025-1807493d9508
I was receiving notifications via email from Forms until last month. Suddenly, I stopped receiving those, to fix, I started using a temporary email address for now, but I really need to receive those notifications in the following address reserva.mangohaus at gmail dot com as it was before.

I have whitelisted “” in my email settings as well, still not working.

Thanks. You typo’d your email address in the first send, (added an extra “s” to it) so no wonder we couldn’t find it :slight_smile:. In the future please triple-check identifiers you send us, as that wasted 20 minutes of my team’s time hunting for your incorrect email address.

I did find a block on sending to that (correctly spelled) address, likely due to gmail’s outage last month. I’ve removed it so you should see future notifications arriving as expected!

Hi fool,
omg I am so sorry! I really apologize. I understand how frustrating it is to waste time due to a silly mistake. I really appreciate you guys went beyond your way to help me. Thanks!!

Hi @fool, I seem to be having the same issue. My form submission notifications were working as expected until a month ago. I see the submissions in my dashboard.
My Netlify site name is: pascalevermont and the API ID: 4c4ad516-cb0f-456a-8e8a-c9b8f18af0b4

Thank you

@perry @fool Hoping to hear back from someone on the support team regarding this. Thanks!

Hi, @NeversSync. There are three email addresses configured to receive submissions form emails. Two of those were blocked due to “hard bounce” replies. I’ve removed the block now from two blocked emails.

I’ve confirmed a successful delivery to the previously blocked emails with a test form submission also.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

Working! Thank you very much.

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I too am having inconsistent notifications with a site that I built for a client at When I submit the form emails are going to, but not consistently to Any ideas why this would be the case? Any help would be great!. Thanks, Jeff.

Hi, @jkinley. We received an email delivery failure for on 2021-02-21 at 20:42:32 UTC. It was a permanent delivery failure - often referred to as a “hard bounce”.

To comply with anti-spam policies and regulations we stop send emails to email addresses when a hard bounce is received. The hard bounce add the email address to a deny list to prevent future emails from being attempted.

I’ve removed this email address of the hard bounce list now and future emails will be attempted again for If you still don’t receive for notifications to this email address now, please let us know.

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