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Form Notifications, not getting email

I’m using Netlify forms, setup an email notification but when someone submits I don’t receive an email.
The form I use is like so: Comments Static Site -| bsdnerds.org

In the projects “Forms” section I can see the submission, but I don’t get an email. In “Site Settings” → “Form notifications” I added the email on any form submission.

Why am I not seeing emails on form submission? Is it possible to see the Netlify email processing output?

Hi, @dev. I’m showing that the last verified form submission for that form was on Tuesday the 12th of January, 2021 at 02:38:09 PST (UTC-08:00).

I’m also showing a successfully sent email to the email address on file for that form at that time. If you did not receive that email, we would recommend checking the spam filter or folder for that inbox. Again, we show a successful delivery at that time.

If you believe there are more recent submissions that did not get emailed, please let us know which submission didn’t send an email notification. Likewise, if there are other questions, we will be happy to answer.

I did a test with another (test) email acccount. It does seem to send to @protonmail.com but it blocks on @fastmail.com.

I contacted their support for more info, perhaps their mail server is blocking netlify mails

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Solved it. The spam folder was not sorted by newest first.

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