Not receiving emails via Netlify Form

I’ve enabled form detection and I can see I’m getting form submissions. However, I’m not receiving any emails when using the contact form and the deployed site:

Hi @louisb455,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’m seeing confirmation of successful delivery of the form notification. The latest notification with the subject="Form submission from email-form:" delivered_at="2024-04-30T17:29:33.851Z". The email address that the notification went to is set here on the site.

If you aren’t seeing the emails in your spam folder, I’d recommend reaching out to your mail server administrator to see what is going on on their end.

Hi @Melvin, thanks for the information. The problem I’m having is when I complete the contact form, none of the information is in the email that is sent to me. It just comes through with 'Email 2"? I should add that this is a ‘webflow’ site that I exported using ‘Udesly’ tool. When I fill in the form via webflow all fields are sent through correctly. Just not when completing the form via the netlify deployed site. I’ve added the custom-attribute of data-netlify=“true”( see attached screenshot) but not sure why it’s not working?


Have you received a submission from Test Name @louisb455?

Hello @dig no I’ve not received a submission from Test Name


and this

are not the same.

Is the information submitted via the form present in the submission on the dashboard?

Curious you didn’t see the test submission I made. I wonder if it was captured by the spam filter.

@dig the only information I see in the dashboard is in the attached screen shot.

No emails with content from the contact form?

Then the issue is with the code on your site. I see there is JavaScript handling the form submission. I’d start by debugging this.

OK I’ll have to look into how JS is handing the form submission.