Netlify Forms Email Notifications Not Working in React Application

The form is working fine, and I instantly receive notifications in my Netlify dashboard. I had set up form notifications to my email but nothing is ever received when I submit. I tried using another email but the same issue happened. The email in question is a Gmail mailbox if that’s relevant.

This form is generated through Javascript and React and I got it working by following the provided guide on Netlify docs.

Thank you

Hi @KarimBastami, thanks for posting and welcome to the Netlify Support Forums.

I wanted to find out if the problem persists or you are receiving emails now.

If the problem persists kindly check your email’s spam or junk folder to see if emails are in there.


Hi @clarnx, I also recently started having issues with my forms not being sent by email (I have checked the spam/junk folders). Everything shows up in the dashboard, but nothing is being sent to the email address I had specified. Things were working great until around a week ago, when emails stopped flowing. Note that I had not pushed any new code to the site when the emails stopped. Any ideas on possible resolution?

Site info: (also set up DNS for just

Hi, @reaganmac. The emails are being rejected by your email service. The error message we receive when we attempt to send email to the configured address is this:

smtp; 554 5.2.3 MailPolicy violation Error delivering to mailboxes

Please contact the administrator of your email service to resolve this. Netlify cannot fix this as it is your email service that is the source of the issue.