DNS Nameserver redirection

Hi colleagues,

I have a domain, “terratremols.ad”, registered through an external registrar (the root DNS server for .ad domains). The registrar has delegated the domain to Netlify DNS nameservers (dns1.p07.nsone.net, dns2.p07.nsone.net, dns3.p07.nsone.net, dns4.p07.nsone.net). When configuring the subdomains under “terratremols.ad” (APEX & www), it keeps saying “Awaiting External DNS”. I have waited for more than 48h for propagation and same answer; I also changed Netlify nameservers at the registrar to dns1.p03.nsone.net & dns2.p03.nsone.net, and same results.

Finally, I have another domain “biosferaordino.ad” under the same registrar and configuration, and also through Netlify DNS and it works flawlessly.

Any ideas?



You’re not using Netlify DNS and I don’t see any A record for your domain:

dig A +short terratremols.ad @

If you intend to use Netlify DNS, you need to create a DNS zone first and use the nameservers that you get. Simply copying the previous domain’s nameservers won’t work.

Many thanks for your answer.

When you say “you need to create a DNS zone first”, you mean on the Netlify Domain Management site and not in the registrar console, right? I say that because I created A records on Netlify DNS several times and the answer is the same: “Awaiting External DNS”

They are currently created (please see attached picture)

Yes, you need to click on the options drop down and select “Set up Netlify DNS.” You can then follow the prompts to create a DNS zone and locate the assigned Nameservers for that domain.

Many thanks for your answer! I did what you said and then the answer is that the name has a conflicting custom domain in another account. If I delete the domain name, then the message dissappears, and I understand from that, that the account in conflict is the same that I’m setting up. If I create the DNS records and I set up the domain again, same message. So I’m in a weird loop of creation of DNS records - no DNS answer - conflict with another account (?) - erasing domain - conflict dissappears but no DNS management

Hi @infraestructura,

I suggest starting over and removing the domain from the Netlify site/account and then following our Support Guide here:

Hi Melvin, already did it many times and same result: either, if I put DNS records from the specific Netlify site the message is “Awaiting External DNS”, or if I register the DNS from the top-level menu at Netlify, it says that the domain has a conflicting custom domain in another account (?).

You can check at whois.nic.ad (the registrar whois service) that the domain has been redirected to the following nameservers:

Name Server: dns3.p07.nsone.net
Name Server: dns4.p07.nsone.net
Name Server: dns1.p07.nsone.net
Name Server: dns2.p07.nsone.net

@infraestructura the domain terratremols.ad is currently in use by a different team at Netlify. You’ll need to create a TXT record to verify ownership and we can remove that domain so you can use it on your site. You can reference this support guide for detailed instructions on how to do that: