Just tell me what nameservers to use please!

Why can’t I point my domain name (from name.com) to netlify anymore?
Less than a week ago my netlify custom domain was fine, then I connected to a different repo which would not deploy. I decided to start fresh and delete the project from netlify. I then created a new project, checkout and deployed my new repo to joelstransky.netlify.com but I can no longer use my domain? (joelstransky.bio)

When I try to re-add the domain it says, A DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1, the DNS provider backing Netlify DNS.
How does that make sense? Nothing changed at my registrar.

So I read the name.com guide here on netlify which instructs me to delete my DNS zone at name.com. Done.

No change. So now I don’t know wth is happening.
Is something propogating? Do I have to ask NS1 to delete something that should be working just fine? Why can’t just add some name servers at my registrar? Netlify for some reason refuses to tell me what those are until I’ve verified a domain that was just working with their service a week ago.

I have no idea if I’m resetting some 48hour process or not so now I’m afraid to touch anything.
Please help.

Nope. There are no name servers configured, ergo no DNS records to propagate

$ whois joelstransky.bio | egrep '^Name Server'
Name Server:

Netlify provides the name servers once the domain is added to Netlify DNS as there are multiple server configurations not just one. (Cloudflare does the same thing but with 2,550 possible combinations.)

You don’t have to use Netlify DNS. There is an option for external DNS

Thanks for the input. I contacted Support@ns1.com as instructed but no idea if it reached anyone. At any rate the old dns zone seems to have cleared because netlify finally revealed my name servers. Those are set but netlify is still saying awaiting external dns. name.com throws a big alert saying its useless to set any dns records since the name servers are pointed away. So one step forward but still not clear is something is propogating. When I first set this up with netlify years ago it seemed to pretty automatic and fast.

If you are seeing this message, something is not right.

Once the name servers are set (I can see they are) everything is done in Netlify. You should then assign joelstransky.bio as a custom domain and Netlify will automatically create NETLIFY type records for the domain which you should then see on the Domain management page.

You don’t add A, AAAA, or CNAME records for Netlify, only for subdomains hosted elsewhere (e.g. mail).

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Hey Joel! When you click this “Set up Netlify DNS button”, are you currently getting an error that a DNS zone exists for this at NS1?

I’m not sure if you’ve been reconfiguring things since you originally posted, but this would be the first step to getting your accurate name servers to use.

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That brought me back to square one!

Please tell me what this should look like.

A record value But you’ve already got an ANAME so you don’t need it.

Read: [Support Guide] DNS Quick Start - How to set up DNS

Also: Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs

You don’t add A, AAAA, or CNAME records for Netlify, only for subdomains hosted elsewhere (e.g. mail ).

I’m afraid that’s not very helpful.
Really appreciate the effort so far but no one has been explicit and there’s no way this should be that hard.

netlify domain management.
If it says, Awaiting External DNS, do exactly what???

I have been very explicit. No, it is not that hard.