Correctly delegate external domain to Netlify


I am new to Netlify and trying to deal with external domain DNS configuration for my site

I have associated the site to the domain in my team, for which the DNS have been automatically created, and I have replaced the old nameservers on the external registar with the ones provided by Netlify.

I am left with this doubt: according to this tutorial I should copy any DNS from the DNS provider to Netlify DNS. DO I have to copy also the A-Record or this is not required?

I attach a screenshot to show how the current Netlify DNS configuration looks like for the mentioned site. As for now the domain name is still pointing to the previous “old” provider where the domain name is registered.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance!

I do have to update my question immediately, as the domain was correctlt resolved as I was typing the question :slight_smile:

So funny. It was just probably only a question of proagation time, and maybe I have been just rached. So all looks great now.

Apologies then for the redundant question and thanks.

@amdevel Welcome to the Netlify community. You do not have to copy the A records. The apex and www subdomains of your custom domain are already defined by the default Netlify DNS records.