Pointing my domain to Netlify

Hoping someone can help me.

I have a domain registered on Namescheap.
It has its nameservers changed to A2 Hosting because that is where my current website and email are hosted.
I have now deployed a new website to Netlify via GitHub, and all good.

Now, I need my domain to be pointing to my new site on Netlify while retaining my email service with A2 Hosting.

I am referring to this page and hope it’s the right one:

I have clicked on Awaiting DNS and it has given me 4 DNS to update. But they seem to be the changes to be made on the domain itself (at Namescheap) but that would impact my emails on A2H. What I think I need to do is point the domain to Netlify via A2H, meaning I will need the A and CNAME records. Am I right? How do I get these details then?

Choosing the Update DNS option is what you do when you want to delegate control of DNS to Netlify.

Awaiting External DNS means either you have not configured the DNS records correctly as outlined in the documentation you have linked or the changes have not propagated yet.

Changing DNS from Namecheap DNS to Netlify DNS won’t impact your email if done correctly. See the following support guide

Thanks for the quick reply @dig!
I can only see the “Awaiting External DNS” option. How do I find the “Update DNS” instead?

I suggest removing the custom domain from your site, then following the documentation to delegate the domain to Netlify, the again assign the domain to your site.

That’s exactly what I am trying to do - remove the custom domain, but can’t find the place/button to do it.

Is this it:

If you select Remove domain does that work?

I removed it and it has reverted to its original status.

The only next step I have is: ADD DOMAIN.
I clicked it and added my domain.
I got the message: Good news! “mysite. com” is already on Netlify DNS, so you can add your domain.
When I click on “Add Domain” again, I get the old situation of “Awaiting External DNS”

What is the domain you are trying to configure?

I went through the 2nd documentation and I think its asking you to copy over all the DNS setup on the external hosting provider (A2 H in my case) and copy that over to Netflify DNS setup?

I was hoping not to share it on a public forum…
It’s just a standard .com domain.

If you want things like mail to continue working without interruption then yes, you need to copy those records to Netlify prior to changing name servers.

That’s fine. It limits the assistance I can provide.

So, all the Zone Records from A2Hosting DNS for the domain - all the A, TEXT, CNAME, SRVs? There are like 15 lines there.

I can’t tell you which records you require and which you don’t. This is information you should know.

Oh, can you see my account? I wasn’t sure if you were a dedicated support staff of Netlify or a community user trying to help me out.

Yes, I am this.

If you wish to wait for official Netlify support that is fine.

Thank you!
Out of curiosity and for my learning - how will you troubleshoot knowing a domain? You would need access to my Netlify account to see all setups etc.

Writing all the steps down would requires hundreds/thousands of words and examples. This is not the place. There are countless posts here you could read starting with [Support Guide] Compiled resources for production domains on Netlify and DNS settings -- start here!


That one link above is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I think the below link in there is what I will need:

Let me give that a go, and see how it works.