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Good morning

Recently I tried to create and log into the respective accounts via the GIT repository (Github and Bitbucket), but I received the message several times: “We already have a registered user with this email address. Log in to connect your GitHub account” and the accounts were blocked. There were calls made showing the attempt but I received no response.
I only managed to authenticate today via a new email, but I would like to use the git email I normally work with.
Could you please help me? I believe that by resetting the account or unlocking it, I would be able to authenticate myself.

I had already searched the forum too, and none of the approaches worked.

Accounts to activate:


Hi @FelipeTI :wave:t6: welcome to your account were automatically marked as spam as an effort to crack down on potential fraudulent behaviour. Please see our VP of security response regarding this.

You should now be able to verify yourself via stripe to unlock your account. Please try signing in again and follow the prompts to upload a copy of your ID so we can be sure you are legitimate. Please view a list of acceptable documentation for your country here. If you are not prompted to do this please submit a support ticket and mark the reason as “signup/login”.

If you do not want to verify your ID you can bypass this step by signing up for a Pro tier account.


Firstly, thank you for your feedback,

I opened a support ticket, however, the return emails state that the accounts are blocked and I am unable to continue responding to the email.
As I created an account normally (the one I’m using on this forum), I wouldn’t like to have to transfer important documents over the internet and knowing that the blocking is not an irregular operation, but rather a duplicate action of the first time I tried to create the account. Would there be any way to perhaps request the deletion of records with the emails I indicated at the beginning of this request? I believe that just by deleting it I would be able to create the account correctly using those everyday emails.

Hi, i’m sorry can you clarify if you have tried to verify your ID? Are you not able to go through this flow?

Good morning how are you?

I didn’t use the flow to send documents because I didn’t want to send documents over the internet.
However, I had selected the second option, which is to open a ticket reporting what happened.
If it helps you, follow the number of calls, and I sent the full description and images of the authentication error


  • identification 196146
  • identification 198078

Also attached screenshots oft the email in PDF
(sorry, its blocked to send screenshots on this post)


Without the screenshot it’s hard to debug. Can you confirm the type of document you are submitting and from which country? thank you!

@SamO I believe there has been a misunderstanding here.

It seems that @FelipeTI has interpreted this statement mentioning “submitting a support ticket” as an alternative to supplying to documents:

The alternative mentioned is actually:

@FelipeTI As I understand it, you will need to supply the requested documentation OR sign up for a Pro tier account.

Good morning
@nathanmartin / @SamO, how are you?

Thank you for the contact

Exactly, in this case I do not want to send a document online, but I had selected the second option of explaining the reason through support, but there was no response.

So can I consider that the second option, although it appears as a choice, is actually non-existent and the only way would be to send the document or sign a PRO account?

@FelipeTI That’s correct.

The only way is to submit a document the system can verify OR sign up to a paid account.

Hi can you share the email you wrote in with so I can share this with the review team? We can then follow up ASAP

Hi @SamO ,

Follow emails that I would like to use, but are blocked

The first one below was the first email I tried to use linked to bitbucket and when I couldn’t, I tried with the second email below linked to github


Thank you so much

Hi, thanks for your patience. Our fraud and abuse team has followed up on ticket number 198078

Hi @SamO
Not for that, thank you. I will follow the email, they will respond there, correct? If you need any additional information, please let us know

Hi @SamO, how are you?

I still haven’t heard back from the fraud team to unblock access, could you please check?


Support Tickets opened

  • identification 196146
  • identification 198078

Hello, thank you for your patience. We have enabled your account. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Hi @SamO,

thanks to you and the whole team

Access is working now


awesome glad to hear it.