Suspended after registration for suspicious actions

Hey Netlify,

the email under this account cannot signup/login via github, registering via email got me suspended after the instantly expiring verification. I have never used netlify and would like to try out stuff, especially this project on youtube about jamstack with netlify cms so I can apply that skill on other project.

please help me

Hi @blp.bum , I just enabled this account. You are good to go. I marked the other account as SPAM again so you should not be able to use it. Please remember you cannot have more than one account on Netlify. If you are found to have another account on Netlify in the future that warrants permanent suspension from our platform.

My account is also suspended immediately after creating?

Hi @Sholasporting thanks for writing in. I just removed the block from your account.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Thank you, finally able to login