Infinite loading Icon when signing in with Github

I get infinite loading icon when signing in with github. Account email is

@arichylton This can happen if your account is suspended.

When an account is a likely “spam” account, see example thread here:

When an account is in arrears, see example thread here:

Well I don’t spam that’s for sure. Maybe my account has an outstanding balance but i can’t pay it because I can’t login…

@nathanmartin This issue hasn’t been resolved at all. Both the threads don’t do anything to unmark my account as spam.

@arichylton I didn’t say that either would do anything at all, I only provided them so you’d have some idea of what may be occuring. I don’t work for Netlify so can do nothing further for you.

If your account has been marked as spam the more recent solution has been to submit identity documents that must be within the list of documents that Stripe is able to verify: Acceptable verification documents | Stripe Documentation

You may need to request that Netlify send you a link to do so, which you can see people doing in this thread:

If you cannot (or will not) supply one of those documents, or Stripe cannot verify the document you do supply, then you will need to seek another hosting provider.

I linked to other similar providers in this thread (click the thread title to see them):

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