Netlify Dashboard

Hello Netlify support,

I’m currently experiencing an issue on the Netlify dashboard where the loading logo is continuously showing and the page does not load properly. This has been going on for some time and is preventing me from accessing important information on my account.

Steps taken so far:

  • I have tried refreshing the page multiple times
  • I have cleared my browser cache and cookies
  • I have tried accessing the dashboard from different browsers and devices.
  • I have searched the Netlify forum for similar issues and solutions, but have not found a solution.

I would appreciate any assistance in resolving this issue. Thank you for your help.

@Zeke12 See the discussion in this thread:

Please can you help me i did not do anything wrong i was just trying to login to a new device
this is my netlify email

Hi, can you send a query to our helpdesk and mark the reason as signup/login. Our fraud and abuse team can review your case.

i have already done that but nothing changes

You will hear back in a few days.