After logging in I just see the Netlify logo spinning

After logging in the Netlify logo just spins forever, I have tried this on Chrome, Edge, and on my mobile phone (also chrome). My sites still are working but I can’t get in to do anything else.

Hi @packet ,

Can you clear your cache and try again in 15 minutes. If it still doesn’t work can you send a screenshot of what you see?

Not sure clearing the cache could do anything but I tried that too, I’ve done this on multiple systems in multiple browsers and it’s all the same. Just downloaded firefox fresh and got the same issue.

Hopefully, that image showed up, but all it is is and the netlify logo in the middle of the screen. It just keeps going through the thinking motion but never ends.

@packet Have you opened the developer console of your browser to check if there are any obvious errors being thrown?

Could you share a site name that existed in your account?