Suspended after registration for suspicious actions

Hey Netlify,

I’m experiencing the same issue, my account was flagged. I appealed but all I got was an automated reply about the suspension.
I’m new to netlify and I want to be able to host my personal sites and also continue my Frontend development classes as netlify will be used mainly for them. I really want to get to know more and explore netlify.
( This is the mail which I used to sign up
@SamO Please solve this

I’ve had the exact same issue: banned within a minute of creating my account. I also just want to work on a frontend development course that interfaces with Netlify.

The email address I used was (which, to be fair, is a suspicious-looking email address but I don’t think that was the problem). Sam, can you help me out, pretty please?

@SamO Please reply soon ma’am

I’m sending a verification now @last_chance_f and @hrs_007

Is the verification you sent the one that makes me upload a picture of my driver’s license?? Why should I trust a company I’ve never interacted with before–and which clearly has a rogue AI driving it–with my driver’s license?

They are requiring my PAN card.
Is it necessary to give PAN card.
I’ve already submitted my driving license in today’s morning for verification but they haven’t verified it.
This is very bad, your company is taking ID’s like it’s very loose
Creating a netlify account will be so difficult, I’ve never thought

I’ll never recommend anyone Netlify to use
Such a horrific experience, so disappointed @SamO

Hi, we have sent your verification email please complete the steps in the email.

Hi @Ohjay20 , you should been unlocked automatically but we suspect this may be a bug. Can you please try one more time to login with the email you provided earlier then share a screenshot of what you see so we can investigate this issue?

Thank you! :netliheart:

Hi @last_chance_f,

yes the verification I sent you will require your to upload a picture of your ID.

You will need to provide an ID document to proceed on our platform. This is the only mechanism we have available at this time. Here are the acceptable types of identification:

You can also signup for a pro tier or higher and this will bypass the ID verification.

Is there not a mechanism to review how your AI is clearly automatically generating a huge number of false positive flags?

We have already done this and are constantly working to improve our system (also we are not using AI). Like I mentioned in a few different threads and above in order to proceed you’ll need provide your ID OR signup for a Pro tier account.

Hello @SamO. My account also has been suspended upon creating. Can you help me with this?

@imtiaz As @SamO mentions, you will need to provide your ID or sign up for a pro tier plan or higher.

If you aren’t receiving the prompt to provide your ID, you can submit a support ticket as per:

Hello @SamO, I’m experiencing the exact same problem, i just signed up why learning a course and immediately i did, the system restricted my account for no reason, i have submitted my ID document but i haven’t gotten a response yet, my email is trustedward@gmail,com i would be happy if the restriction is lifted as possible as it is stalling the progress of my Tutorials.

Kind Regards.

Hello @SamO

I tried signing up on netlify but my account got suspended at the point of sign up. I tried using stripe to verify my identity by submitting an ID but it still didn’t work.
I’m currently undergoing training at the Hertechtrail Academy and we were given an assignment on HTML form and table and submission is to be done using GITHUB to submit the codes and Netlify to host the page for my tutor to access and I can be graded.
Please kindly assist as I need to turn in my assignment.

Thank you.

Hi, can you please share your email so I can take a look? Please note you must submit and ID that coincides with the acceptable documentation as outlined by stripe here. OR you can signup for a pro trial and you bypass the ID verification process.

I can’t find an account associated with that email.


The email is:

hello @SamO i’m also experiencing the same problem, i just made the account and it was immediately flagged as suspicious activity, i recently heard about netlify from a friend of mine whos been using your services for a while, wanted to give it a shot but i was immediately suspended. please help me

Verification email was set please check your spam if you don’t see anything.