Unable to verify identity and reinstate Netlify account

I got error when logging in through github’s account. It is “We were unable to verify your identity and reinstate your Netlify account”. how can I solve it.

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What email address is associated with your account?

It is be_it_so@163.com

I’ve sent you an identity verification link to the email listed

I got error. Information is ’ Authenticating failed due to the following error: We already have a registered user with this email address. Log in to connect your GitHub account.’

Hi I am also experiencing this issue. Please how can I resolve this?

Here is my associated email address;


Hi, can you please reach out to our fraud and abuse team at verifyid@netlify.com as they can be of assistance.

Hi :wave:t6: thank you for reaching out. Can you please reach out to verifyid@netlify.com.

I have reached out to them. But the link they shared with me isn’t working.

This is the response I got when trying to access it;

Can you share the ticket number so I can escalate this?

Here is the Ticket Number;


Please help me out I am really stuck.

Hi, @Blobes. We’ve replied on the support ticket and a verification link has been sent.

Hello Luke,

I tried using my Voter’s card to verify with the link they sent but unfortunately it happens to be that stripe doesn’t support government issued voter’s cards. So I will be needing the another again. But this time around I use my national ID which I obtained today.

Hi @sid.m can you help me to send the email verify again to andy@travala.com Thanks. I got the same problem

Hi :wave:t6: thanks for reaching out. I have issued a verification link to your email please ensure the document you submit is on our approved document list. If you don’t see this in your inbox please check your spam.

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Thanks, @SamO i received the email.

Hi, I was going trough the verification process but exited because I didn’t know where my wallet was at the time, and now I can’t re-enter the verification process. Can you please resend the verification to my email: franvidicek@gmail.com

Hi :wave:t6: @fran welcome to the forums! I have issued a verification link. Please check your spam if you don’t see this in your inbox. To ensure verification is successful please use one of the documents on the list here.

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Thanks @SamO , I did the verification, now when I go to the log in page I get this:


This doesn’t make any sense to me. I am on login page and it says i should go to the login page.