Can't create account - Unable to verify with stripe

Hey Netlify team,
Created an account with the eventual intention of using you for hosting. Tried to log back in and am asked to verify with stripe (no problem!), clicked verify and get the message “We were unable to verify your identity and reinstate your Netlify account.” Not sure what to do here, would love to open an account and use your services.

I noticed some people have issues with copyright material being uploaded, but I have yet to submit any material. My account was opened, learned the interface a bit and then logged out.

Appreciate any help.

-Austin H

Hi :wave:t6: welcome to the community @Auzy! Your account was automatically marked as spam in an effort to crack down on potential fraudulent behaviour. Please see our VP of security response regarding this.

You can verify yourself via stripe to unlock your account. Please view a list of acceptable documentation for your country here..