Account Suspended, invoices just paid and account still not reactivated if not done asap will switch to vercel

Hi there account was suspender few hrs ago. Invoices have been paid since then, please reactivate account asap as have clients who need service

@go23xx It’s the weekend and the middle of the night where Netlify’s offices are.

They will respond, but it may not be immediately.

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The service should be automated no? I have clients and invoices are paid sites should be back online instantly. Am A Business user also and my ciients are getting frustrated

@go23xx It might be automated, but I don’t know personally, it’s not something I’ve encountered many threads about and my own account has never been suspended.

I just wanted to let you know that it’s out of hours where they are in case you did have to perform anything that’s time sensitive for your clients.

What site or account is this about?

Can I send to your email? Will make it much easier.

Hi, @go23xx I escalated your query to our helpdesk. Stay tuned to your email.

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