Why my domain name flagged as malicious by Bfore.Ai PreCrime?

Please help me!
I have no idea why my domain name is flagged as malicious by Bfore.Ai PreCrime? I’m sure that my website source code isn’t included any malicious or harmful code. I have even tested it by changing the whole web source code file to just a single html file with just “hello world!” code printed and it is still flagged as malicious. Why? I recently contacted to my domain seller support service, and they said it’s not a problem with the domain, it’s a problem with hosting service. Is it true? Help to answer me if you can, it is really importance to me rn.
Thank you

Why did a third-party service, not controlled by Netlify mark your domain as suspicious? The answer to that can only be given by the third-pary service, in this case

Contact them for further help.