Site Marked as Phishing

I created a site on Netlify just to expand my coding skills. Unfortunately, it has been marked by Google as a dangerous site that uses Phishing. I am worried this will look bad if I try to send my website to other people. It does have a login and password for users, but I have created other sites that are similar that are not marked as dangerous. I was wondering why it might be marked as dangerous and how I could correct the problem.


Hey @marble

Yes, it would look bad.

I don’t see any warning for your site in Chrome or Firefox

That’s good, but I just got a warning for it on Chrome on another computer. I am wondering why it only shows up sometimes.

This I cannot really answer.

Possibly (part of) the reason is there is nothing more than a title and login/register forms. There is no information about what the site is, or is doing.

Thank you for your responses. Maybe if I put more on the title page it would help?

Again, I cannot say for sure.

Do check out the Safe Browsing website and also the Safe Browsing Status Page where you can see the status of your site.

Thank you, it currently says it is safe. On both these sites.