Website got falsely flagged and banned

I have created a few webpages which are pretty simple ReactJS frontends which connects users to a Polygon Site where a weekly raffle happens. This site has worked pretty well and moderately successful for several months now. There never was any problems with it and Netlify, even after Coinbase Wallet flagged it falsely at one point as a Scamming Site, I shared the public code with them and the flag got removed.

This Saturday suddenly my Netlify Account got banned and therefore my webpage got taken down, I of course wrote instantly an email to the support to ask why that happened(Case Number: 233525) and they answered after over a day that my website and I quote: “was reported to be hosting a phishing website”. That is wrong and I think that its weird that it got flagged as such since the code is completely open and I’m very willing to share it or answer any questions towards it to prove my innocence. My Site can’t even save userdata it only is an interface.

Sadly the support doesn’t answer anymore and I would love to atleast prove my innocence before moving on from Netlify because I really love it and have used it for years now without a problem. Can anyone help me or a support user help me with my case.

Have a nice day to whoever is reading this.

TLDR: Website has been falsely flagged as phishing site and I got banned. How do I prove my innocence?

hi, i’m not seeing a block on your account. Can you confirm the website in question if you are still experiencing this issue?