Flagged account + domain

A while ago Netlify flagged and suspended my account because of “fraudulent behavior” which is a joke since all I had where some small personal projects using HTML and CSS. I dont care about the account anymore, HOWEVER I used a google domain henry-codes.com on one of my projects, WHICH I CANT USE ATM, because my account was flagged and I cant log in to delete the project. Is there anyone who can help me how I can recover that domain? Im still paying for it but I cant use it, which is not so good

Thanks for nothing Netlify… you are absolutely great

As the domain is registered and DNS maintained with Google Domains (now Squarespace Domains), there is nothing stopping you using the domain elsewhere by creating the appropriated DNS records at the registrar (it appears there are no DNS records configured at this point.)

Yep! what @dig said is 100% correct. Your DNNS is not managed by Netlify.

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