Site marked as phishing in Cloudflare

Our docs site is hosted in Netlify:

A user has reported that the site is marked as phishing by Cloudflare: N8n docs site is marked as Phishing in CloudFlare - Questions - n8n

Obviously this is concerning. Any suggestions?

Loads fine for me @StarfallProjects

And that includes when changing DNS to

Suggest this is more a Cloudflare issue than a Netlify issue. checks out

Thanks for this.

Looking at the user report (N8n docs site is marked as Phishing in CloudFlare - Questions - n8n) it seems they were somehow hitting the rule blocking *, despite navigating to our custom domain. Though interestingly Sucuri are ok with that as well . . . hmm . . .

As the bot is nagging me, gonna mention this wasn’t really resolved. It does seem like everything ends up going via the address, and even if the specific domain ( and the related domain) are fine, it may sometimes get caught by filters that are strict about all domains.

I’m guessing this is the problem:

Since DNS based filtering is done, the connection is blocked… points to a subdomain using a CNAME record.

Anyway, I’ll flag this for the staff, just to see if they can do anything to prevent something like this from happening in the future.

There’s not much we can do about external blocklists unfortunately.