Sign up page on Netlify site marked as phishing

I recently deployed a web application on Netlify ( and linked it to a custom domain ( When I access the sign up page at, I get a phishing warning. However, the /join url does not get the warning on the netlify domain (

When I access the page, I see in the dropdown when clicking on the “Dangerous” marker in Chrome that intrusive ads are detected but its a simple form with no ads whatsoever.

I checked on Google’s safe browsing api and no threats were detected for the urls listed. I also renewed my SSL certificate on Netlify but that does not seem to have had an effect.

Thanks in advance for your help.

@dmc1985 Did you expand the details and click to report a detection problem:

I did report a detection problem but the warning is still present. I was wondering if you had seen this issue before or perhaps had any suggestions on how to check if there is a problem on my end. (Beyond using the Google SafeBrowsing API which I already did). Thanks again for your help.

I don’t work for Netlify so can’t advise anything on their behalf.

I’ve personally seen it before, but can’t advise why/how it’s triggered by Google, nor how they handle the detection reports.

In past situations that I’ve encountered it the Netlify site name or domain, and/or contents of the site, seemed sufficiently close to a “production site” that Google may have believed the real site to have been scraped to produce a phishing attempt.

This is not a Netlify issue. We don’t control or can in any way manipulate Google into thinking it’s spam or not. Just like @nathanmartin, I too have no idea how it’s triggered, so I’m afraid, there’s not much we can do here.