Website blocked at some organizations

Hi Guys,

I (cardiology fellow) created a website using VueJS for COVID19 resources with the domain:

Some hospital system servers are automatically blocking it with the following message: “For your protection, access to this website has been blocked. This maybe because the site has been reported as malicious, or it may be inappropriate for viewing in an office environment.” Another error message from another organization mentioned that it fell into the category of “phishing.”

I registered and verified it with Google Search. I also have SSL with Netlify Let’s Encrypt. I use google analytics for the site. I don’t think it has any cookies associated with it.

I can’t seem to find any reason why the website would be blocked at some organizations and not others.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you,

@singamnv See this response. Apparently, certain web resources are treating and all subdomains as if they were one unit, rather than s a bunch of independent units. Some bad actor(s) has caused all .app sites to be flagged.

Interestingly the app site is not blocked. Just the domain that targets to the app site. I am thinking it is related to automatic filters flagging anything with COVID19 as suspicious. See: My question now is how can I set up a “Authoritative DNS” as described in this article?

@singamnv It’s not blocked for me. I’m using Google public DNS. Have you tried different local DNS settings for your computer? Have you tried visiting using a cellphone over LTE?

Yes it works well on all personal laptops and mobile devices. However, it is randomly blocked on some organization computers. For example, it is blocked on 1 out of the 3 hospitals I work at. I’ve heard similar reports from other hospitals around the country. This website is most useful in a hospital setting so it would be helpful to figure out why this is happening.

@singamnv this doesn’t sound like a Netlify problem. There are many organizations that employ overly enthusiastic blocking. You’ll have to find out who is doing the blocking and contact them.

I will look into who is blocking us. Thank you for all the guidance, Greg!

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